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If you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, you should look no further than the subeditor r/investing. It’s packed with resources, such as a guide to stock research, recommendations for finance podcasts, and reading lists. And it gives a realistic picture of the investing industry. It was created after the 2008 stock market crash and great recession, and its name is a good reminder of why it is popular.

But you should know that it’s a risky game. Thousands of people have lost millions of dollars by following Reddit investing advice. In fact, the founder of the site compared the investing style to gambling. Many Reddit posters recommend putting all your money into a single stock. Some posts include phrases like “hold the line,” “diamond hands,” and “you only live once.” It’s important to remember that the stock market is a volatile and unpredictable place, and you should only invest in stocks you believe in.

While r/investing tends to be conservative, it does have stories of successes. One example of a successful investment story was shared on r/investing by cooking boy. Ni kola, an electric vehicle company, generated $36,000 from a solar panel installation by its executive chairman Trevor Milton. However, it was worth $15 billion, and it hadn’t sold a single vehicle. The Reddit user exposed the fraudulent activity, saving other investors from losing money.

Despite its popularity, Reddit is still in a “wait-and-see” phase. Before committing to a long-term investment, the company will need to release its latest financials, summing up the risks and opportunities. At this point, a reasonable person will have to make their own assessment of Reddit’s ability to deliver cash flow. Digital advertising is a highly risky business, and there is the potential for government regulation. While it may be tempting to invest in a stock that’s a surefire winner, many investors don’t have the discipline to commit to this risk.

While r/investing generally tends towards the more conservative side of the spectrum, there are plenty of examples of profitable investments. In one example, the user cooking boy shared a NBC article about the company Ni kola, an electric vehicle company. The Tesla executive chairman had installed a solar panel on his rooftop and generated $36,000 in revenue. Despite the success of Ni kola, the company was valued at $15 billion. It had not sold one vehicle yet.

Although it’s worth investing in stocks, r/investing is best for people with a more conservative mindset. Most users prefer to invest in stocks that are already profitable. However, there are still risks involved with r/investing. It can be risky. Regardless of the type of investment, you should always keep an eye on it. This is because Reddit users can be very selective when making their investments.

The most popular investment styles on r/investing are conservative and often involve the use of leverage. While most posts on r/investing focus on high-risk stocks, some have also featured successful stories. For instance, one Reddit investor, cooking boy, posted an article on Ni kola. The company had a market value of $15 billion despite not selling a single car. The CEO, Trevor Milton, had no idea that the company was fraudulent. The post exposed this fraudulent activity and saved the investors from losing their money.

Reddit investing tends to be conservative, but it has been a great place to learn about investing. Several successful stories have come from the community. A r/investing user called cooking boy shared a NBC article that revealed that Ni kola, a company that produces electric vehicles, had been generating $36,000 revenue from a solar panel installation. The CEO’s office was paid out $15 billion, but the company had no sold a single vehicle. The user’s Reddit posts exposed the scam, saving investors from losing their money.

As for the r/investing subeditor, despite the popularity of the subeditor, there are doubts about Reddit’s IPO. The social-media site’s founder once compared investing to gambling, and he referred to the r/investing subeditors as a “virtual stock exchange” with many members. This has led to speculation about the IPO process.

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