Why Did TobyMac Change His Name?

Why Did TobyMac Change His Name?

We’ve been asking ourselves the same question for some time now. Why did TobyMac change his name? In the past, the artist was known as DC Talk, and the public thought it was just a clever way to promote the band. Now, though, fans are curious as to the reason behind the decision. After all, the singer was already famous and well-liked before he changed his name.

Kevin Michael Mckeehan

Before he became a successful singer and songwriter, Kevin Michael McKeehan was better known as TobyMac. This name was a childhood nickname, and McKeehan adopted it. In 1989, he was a founding member of the band DC Talk and their lead vocalist. Their fresh sound combined with Christian music quickly gained popularity, and their album “Portable Sounds” received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. The group’s “Made to Love” and “I’m For You” became two of the most popular songs on Christian radio, and both gained widespread popularity.

TobyMac was born Kevin Michael Mckeehan in 1964. He got interested in rap music at an early age after listening to Rappers Delight. He formed DC Talk with Michael Tait and started to rap in 1987. As an adult, TobyMac has had several solo projects and rap albums. His songs have sold millions of records worldwide. But why did TobyMac change his name?

Kevin Michael McKeehan was the ‘official’ name of TobyMac. The rap star was born on October, and shortened it to Tober. He still goes by this name. TobyMac started his career as TobyMac after he and DCTalk split. Over the years, he has gone by various names, including TobyMac. TobyMac is now his most popular stage name.

Kevin Michael Mckeehan’s perspective on grief

After losing his son to suicide in late October, TobyMac shared his perspective on grief and eternity with his fans. He also expressed his gratitude to fans worldwide. He is one of the most influential Christian artists. Recently, TobyMac was featured in a music documentary. In it, the rapper shared his perspective on grief and eternity. This heartwarming video is well worth the read. It’s a beautiful tribute to his son and the fans who support him.

Kevin Michael Mckeehan’s influence on TobyMac

TobyMac’s influence on Christian music can be seen in many of his songs. The singer holds his Christian faith very close to his heart and turned to it after losing his son. The influence of Kevin Michael Mckeehan, Christopher Stevens, and Michael Ripoll is evident in the lyrics of his hit song “Still Here.”

TobyMac was born on October 22, 1964, in Virginia. Growing up loving music, he later became a Christian recording artist, hip-hop artist, and music producer. His moniker is TobyMac, a nickname he earned from his older brother, Truett. His father has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement for his son. The artist credits his parents for helping him achieve success.

TobyMac has also authored several books. The Jesus Freak book was a companion to the 1995 album and featured short accounts of Christian martyrs. From the early Christians to modern-day missionaries, these stories have inspired his music. In the decade following the album, several related books were released. The second volume of Jesus Freaks was subtitled Fearing God. The third volume of the series, Under God, marks the beginning of a new era for TobyMac.

One of TobyMac’s children, Truett Foster Mckeehan, has passed away. The artist’s eldest son passed away at his home near Nashville. Paramedics were called after a friend found him unresponsive. The cause of death is not yet known. The singer has spoken of his son as a “true artist.”

The gospel singer TobyMac married Amanda Levy in 1994. She is a Jamaican, daughter of Robert and Judy Levy of the Jamaica Broilers. She is well-immersed in Jamaican culture, and the couple lives in Nashville, Tennessee. They have five children together: Truett, Leo, and Judah. The singer has also worked as a producer for a few popular rock bands.

Despite the fact that TobyMac’s father is an American, he grew up in Jamaica. His parents are Christian and raised him with Christian values. Though Amanda McKeehan has kept her personal life private, she went to school in America and graduated in 2007. She is now a U.S. citizen. He also has 5 children and five grandchildren. As a musician, he has performed in various concerts and games including Just Dance.

In addition to writing music, TobyMac has co-founded a record label with Joey Elwood and Todd Collins. It was originally intended to distribute the album Lovin’ the Day by Out of Eden. However, the band had a difficult time finding a label for the album. Gotee Records has signed numerous acts since its inception. So, it is evident that the singer’s music continues to grow in popularity.

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